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15+ years of placing Elderly Companions, Caretakers, Home Aides in the tri-state area

Best Polish and Eastern European Caregivers for senior In-home care

Our caregivers provide in-home non-medical supportive services, and offer assistance with personal care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, wheelchair/walker assistance, and supervision, in addition, to helping with meal preparation, housekeeping, and shopping. Our caregivers offer help with self-administered medications, ambulation, exercises, and transportation to medical appointments for the elderly at an affordable cost. Caregivers provide an ideal solution for individuals who want to maintain their independence at home but need assistance due to short or longer-term disability, illness (Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson's), or simply the natural aging process. Our caregivers can provide elderly care anywhere from 5 days to around-the-clock live-in care (24/7). Live-out caregivers can work from 8 to 12 hours a day or a night shift (3-day minimum).

Difference between live-out 24-hour care and a live-in?

Live-out 24-hour care requires having at least 2 different caregivers who work on shifts from 8-12 hours. This results in caregivers being more refreshed and alert since there is at least one caregiver rotation in a 24-hour period. This is especially suggested for more demanding cases, patients with severe health issues, and sleep deprivation. There is an hourly rate per day. Live-in care helps with establishing the relationship between the senior and the caregiver. There is a consistency of care since there is one permanent caregiver. The live-in caregivers are required to have their own private bedroom, time for sleep, and personal and meal breaks. There is a flat rate per day. Live-in caregivers can be provided for clients who need no or minimal assistance at night.

What are the rates and fees for your service?

The rates are based on job position requirements and are set by the employer and employee to their mutual satisfaction. The average live-in rates start at about $250/day and the live-out hourly rate is about $25/h (daytime or nighttime hourly rate depends also on the number of hours). Please contact us for a free consultation. We are always trying to match your budget with our reasonable prices. Our standard employer's one-time-only service charge fee equals two weeks of the caregiver's salary, paid after the two weeks trial time period.

What are the advantages of having an in-home caregiver vs nursing home?

Most seniors prefer to stay at home as long as possible rather than move into a nursing home. Staying at home where they are familiar with the surroundings, and the neighborhood is very beneficial to their physical and mental health. In-home caregivers who are able to focus on one patient are able to provide better care than nursing home staff who need to take care of different patients at the same time. The cost of the nursing home might go as high as $160.000/year ($430/day) whereas live-in in-home caregivers' rates might start as low as $250/day (net) and live out $25/hour.

How we work

Placement Process

1 Step

Contact us

We start with a free consultation (over the phone/email) to cover duties and responsibilities. Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we can select a suitable candidate.

2 Step


As soon as there is a candidate available who meets all of your requirements we can schedule a no-obligation interview in the comfort of your home or the phone/video interview.

3 Step

Trial period

Based on the feedback after the meeting, we can start a two-week trial period or present other candidates. Only when you are comfortable with a caregiver we can finish the placement process.

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